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Rockwood Summit Lacrosse Club

2024 Game Schedule

Times and locations are subject to change without notice. Check Game Changer for latest information.


Away Team

Home Team

Start Time


 March 2OmahaSummit Summit Turf-Varsity only
March 7SummitHowell Howell-Varsity
March 11SummitWebster Groves Moss Field- Varsity 
    Moss Field-JV
March 27MarquetteSummit Summit Turf-Varsity
    Summit Turf-JV
March 30LincolnshireSummit Eureka HS-Varsity
April 5SummitP. South Parkway South HS-Varsity
    Parkway South HS-JV
April 7WentzvilleSummit Summit Turf-Varsity
    Summit Turf-JV
April 11SummitP. West Parkway West HS-Varsity
    Parkway West HS-JV
April 14SummitRockbridge Rockbridge HS-Varsity
    Rockbridge HS-JV
April 16SummitVianney Vianney HS- Varsity
    Vianney HS-JV
April 18SummitLafayette Lafayette HS-Varsity
    Lafayette HS-JV
April 25SummitWestminster Westminster-JV only
April 27RepublicSummit Summit Turf-Varsity
    Summit Turf-JV
May 1KirkwoodSummit Summit Turf-Varsity
    Summit Turf- JV
May 4SummitO'Fallon O'Fallon Township HS-Varsity
    O'Fallon Township HS-JV
May 7SummitPriory Priory-Varsity